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January – April 2014 Koh Samui Property

January - April 2014 Koh Samui Property

Welcome to our January – April 2014 Koh Samui Property news.

Well, 2 weeks into the opening of the new Central Festival mall and everyone is claiming success that it opened exactly on the date they said it would. A wonderful addition to Koh Samui Property.

Patronage has been high right across the mall, food, retail, boutique shops and of course the exciting department store of Central.

This is another asset to add to Samui’s already impressive list of beautiful beaches, 5-6 star hotels,  value hotels and boutique airport.

Koh Samui can be proud of its achievements, over a few short years Koh Samui has become an international destination.

Sales and interest in property has been red hot over the last 5-6 months with many high end properties and land being sold. A good example of the high end property now available being the Napa Villa below which is arguably one of the most stunning properties on the island.

Contemporary Style Sea Views Choeng Mon

The market is now seeing a number of new condominium developments in both the low end 2 million price range and the more high end around the 7-10 ml price range.

Some new condominium projects that have entered the market are going to be announced shortly.

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