Koh Samui Real Estate Sales

Koh Samui Real Estate Sales

Invest Koh Samui Property

“Why Invest in Koh Samui Real Estate Sales?”

Koh Samui Real Estate Sales. The Samui Real Estate & Property Investment scene has long been a very attractive market to Invest in. Now being an ideal time to Invest in Koh Samui Property. Investment in real estate for sale and villas for sale on Koh Samui has for the last 6 yrs has produced capital gains of between 23% and 25% per year.

This is helped by the very restrictive planning laws they have in place. These laws are designed to keep the island as a beautiful tropical destination. Not hampered with high rise and excessive real estate development.

Property Research Thailand has made it a propriety to follow investment returns on the island for the last 15 years. This has shown rental returns have a healthy 6% to 8% net return on investment. Right now there’s a shortage of Investment Real Estate Property for sale on Koh Samui. That have all the facilities needed for short to long term stays, especially in the medium to low price range. Thus making it a great time to Invest in Koh Samui Property, Real Estate, Villas, Condos, Land.

Investor Interest Gaining Pace

Bangkok Airways has seen the Benefit of Investing in Samui. They now have a new airport which now acts as a Hub for there international flights as well as for local flights into Samui. Other Airlines have also seen Investment Opportunities in Samui with introduction of Thai Airways 3 flights per day and Firefly airways flying directly to Kuala Lumpur.

Major International hotels have Invest Koh Samui Property on Samui recently which has resulted in Samui being placed 5th in the top 10 island destinations in the world and voted in the top 10 of honeymoon destinations in Asia. Sixth Sense Hideaway and Four Seasons have been voted the best hotels in the world in different leading travel Agency polls.

Samui has been home to many of the leading hotels of the world with the recent introduction of Resorts such as Conrad, 4 Seasons, W Hotel, Banyan Tree and X2 have given the island international attention. This along with recently opened Beach Republic and Nikki Beach which have drawn many high end users. There are now some new developments, some just started and some just at the launch stage and that makes for good Property Investment Opportunities. Prices usually rise as the development gets under way and a number of sales have been achieved.

Invest In Koh Samui Property

The world is now experiencing some large fluctuations in commodities. Shares and even property, however this is when the astute Property Investor makes his move, when all the talk is about property not doing so well, share markets are going crazy, talk of Gloom and Doom. This is when the Astute Investor buys at the best price. Unfortunately most Real Estate & Property Investments are not seized at this time. They are purchased when the prices are at their highest and everybody has a good word to say about buying.

Property Investment though is one of the few investments that given time, even the most over priced property will fulfill its investment expectations. With Property Research Thailand this knowledge gleaned over 30 years in the industry is used in all and any advice we give to our purchasers. Also when dealing with the Vendors and developers we ask the questions to make sure that all the legal and other disciplines are properly accounted for.

Property Research Thailand

With Property Research Thailand this information and advice about real estate and property for sale on Koh Samui is cost free. The cost is obligated to the Vendor, we have the responsibility to you the client to make your Property investment or Dream home an easy, safe and rewarding experience.

Remember there is and old saying in Real Estate – NOW spelled backwards is WON. Too Many people look for the reasons not to do something; this they find is a safe way, however no one ever made money or progressed by doing nothing.  The winners are not just LUCKY, they just did something.

Real Estate Sales Koh Samui – Villas for sale Koh Samui – Condominiums for sale Koh Samui – Land for sale Koh Samui.

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