Post & Telecoms

Post & Telecoms

Thailand has a very efficient postal service and within the country postage is very cheap.

Bangkok’s main post office on Charoen Krung (New Rd) is open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 1 pm weekends and holidays. A 24 hour international telecommunications service (including telephone, fax, telex and telegram) is located in a separate building to the right and slightly in front of the main post office building.


The telephone system in Thailand, operated by the government-subsidised Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT) under the Communications Authority of Thailand (CAT), is quite efficient and from Bangkok you can usually direct-dial most major centres with little difficulty.

The telephone country code for Thailand, is 66.

Domestic Calls

In most destinations there are two kinds of public pay phones in Thailand – ‘red’ and ‘blue’. The red phones are for local city calls and the blue phones are for both local and long-distance calls (within Thailand). Local calls from pay phones cost 1B for three minutes (add more coins for more time). Local calls from private phones cost 3B, no time limit. Some hotels and guest- houses feature private pay phones that cost 5B per call.  Card phones are available at most Thai airports as well as major shopping centres and other public areas throughout urban Thailand. Phonecards come in 25B, 5OB, 1OOB, 200B and 240B denominations, all roughly the same size as a credit card; they can be purchased at any TOT office. In airports you can usually buy them at the airport information counter or at one of the gift shops.

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